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Winter Zauberg Express
Saturday, 28 january 2017
Valentine’s Day Candle Light Express
Tuesday, 14 february 2017
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Saturday, 18 march 2017
Nostalgia journey to Kosice
Saturday, 8 april 2017
Thursday, 24 november 2016
Candle Light Express Train – The Dinner Train to Gödöllő

We enjoyed the entire journey including the special evening with delicious food and wines served on board. The staff was kind and smiling as always be ready to help with seat reservations or serve another bite or glass of wine whenever needed. We felt fantastic on this romantic dinner train. When arriving to Gödöllő Royal Waiting Room a glass of sparkling wine was kindly offered, so we all happy pronounced „egészségünkre”.
After the arrival we were presented a Charlie concert which was amazing. On the way back we were again delighted as the desert cake was served with some delicious white wine. At the final, the ladies got a red rose so we keep this fantastic journey in our memorials. We’re eager to come another time on a candlelit Dinner Express as soon as possible. Thank you very much MÁV Nostalgia just keep going. Georg Reinthaler - Italy

This review by : Georg Reinthaler - Italy

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Nyugati Station next to platform No. 10.
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