The UKGC welcomes the Personal Functional License Application Service

The UK Gambling Commission recently announced it would be launching a new, improved application service for iGaming professionals wishing to acquire a Personal Functional License (PFL). This process is part of the UKGC's planning to help raise the gaming industry's security standards and make this area safer. Stay tuned to find out more about this process and the recent technical and legal adjustments to the application service. It is worth reminding you that these changes will not affect on in India.

What is a ‘Personal Functional License’?

A ‘Personal Functional License’ or PFL is a certificate that must be carried by all experts who want to work in the gaming and casino industry. According to the UKGC, the following professionals can acquire the license in this area: a dealer, a cashier, a game master and the security staff. The PFL application will be processed within 8 weeks as long as all necessary information has been made available. A list of documents that are required for this can be found on the UKGC’s official website.

The UKGC publishes the PFL Application Service

The UK Gambling Commission has officially confirmed that the enhanced online PFL application service will be available on December 4th, 2018. The improved system is already active and can be used on the official UKGC's website. The revised and improved application portal follows the example of the United Kingdom government, GOV.UK, which has been stylistically built to provide users with optimal functionality. The Gambling Commission hopes the new system will simplify the application process and provide users with the support they need. Thus, the UKGC's official press release dated December 3, 2018 states:

This service gives applicants an efficient, optimized and improved service. It is based on the GOV.UK design and makes an application faster and easier. The use of this application service can be used as an improved processing tool by the respective commission-licensed staff. This includes the introduction of the electronic revocation service check. The improvements include a faster application process. "

As part of this new development, applicants receive emails and texts notifying and informing them of the progress of their application from the time of submission to the final step in which the license is issued or the application is rejected.

The UKGC's official press release also states that the improved application process is part of the Gambling Commission’s commitment to improving the way they want to improve the gaming industry by simplifying, automating and digitizing the application process. There are more improvements in the works. In addition, we are currently working on a new personnel license management system and a maintenance tool. These further improvements should be made available by the end of March 2019.

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