Royal Waiting Hall

The Royal Waiting Hall created for the Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Queen Sissi in Nyugati Railway Station, which was designed by the Paris-based Eiffel Company, are famous for their beautiful, opulent interior.

Passengers can enjoy a glass of champagne before boarding the train. There are three rooms, which are also suitable for standing receptions. The reception room, the Elizabeth room and the royal meeting room form an integral unit with the adjoining summer garden. Our trains always leave from the platform directly accessible from the Royal Waiting Rooms. We provide a carpet and a brass band on request to ensure that passengers depart in style.


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Viktoria Kiss



MÁV Nostalgia Bureau
1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55.
Nyugati Station next to platform No. 10.
Phone: +36 1 269-5242

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