WRm 004 / Budapest dining car

A pride of the Hungarian railway nostalgia fleet is the refurbished dining car.
WRm 51 55 88-81 004-1 ’BUDAPEST’. The Bautzen Wagon Factory of the former German Democratic Republic built the car in 1984. The bogie-type vehicle with dining saloon and kitchen facility was performing international service with 160 km/h maximum speed.
Refurbishment of the vehicle to meet nostalgia travel requirements was performed in the first part of year 2003. The car originally furnished with 42 seats is providing now convenient accommodation for 40 passengers as dining car or for 33 travellers as parlour saloon car. The car is installed with well-equipped kitchen facility to serve the travellers with fresh prepared hot meals. Part of the refurbishment is the application of environment-friendly vacuum-operated toilet equipment. The dining and parlour car refurbished to meet the actual demands is offering a pleasant atmosphere even at many days travel with live music and wide selection of drinks and beverages.
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