Istropolitan saloon car

Number 041 wagon was built in Bautzen Wagonbau in 1968. Originally it was a sleeping car, which got its current layout in Slovakia in 1998.
It was the property of Wagon Slovakia a.s company, who used the car in nostalgia and special charter trains. The car is the part of MÁV Nostalgia fleet from 2006. The renovated saloon car is available for day and night travel as well. The central part of the vehicle is the so called Golden Saloon, which is an excellent place for relaxation during the long train journeys. The other part of the car contains six 3 bedded or three 6 bedded compartments. The interior designs of the cabins are recall of the mood of the 1920’s Pullman car’s. A bathroom with shower and toilette is also available at the end of the corridor. The air conditioned saloon car runs as the Imperial Club class of international Adventure trains, and in the luxury trains of Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Maximum capacity: 18 seats

Maximum speed: 140 km/h

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