WR 4252 Piano dining car

This beautiful coach is offering an opportunity to spend time on the train pleasantly during long journeys with live piano music and with a wide selection of drinks filling all requirements. Built in 1916 at the St Denis Workshop at the outskirts of Paris for the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens (CIWL) along with 8 others for their international services.The original wooden body was rebuilt in the late 1940s with new all steel superstructure and modernised again in recent years to meet the increased demands for higher comfort. The car can be used as dining car or saloon car on request, chartered or even operated with current InterCity trains.

Capacity: 24 persons
Authorised speed: 120 km/h
Disclaimer Data Privacy Engedélyszám: R-00784/1993/2000
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