Saturday, 15 may 2010

A trip to Esztergom

The schedule:

Departure from Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar: 09.25
Arrival at Esztergom: 11:25
Departure from Esztergom:

Arrival at Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar: 18:25

The train between Budapest and Esztergom, does not stop!


Adult (padded): 3500Ft (one-way), 4500FT (with return)
Adult (low cost): 1900Ft (one-way), 2900Ft (with return)

Child's (low cost) 990 FT (one way), (4-14 years old): 1290Ft (with return)

Child's (padded) 2100Ft (one-way), (4-14 éveskorig): 3100Ft (with return).

(Extra padded 1000 HUF / person) Program 7990 Ft.

(the program is included in the price of the trip)

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