Saturday, 23 june 2012

Mid-Summer Night's Dream Express

Train of Experience to the Wachau gap, hauled by a Nohab locomotive

MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. announces a special train, hauled by a preserved Class M61 diesel locomotive, to the Mid-summer night's celebrations to be held on 23 June 2012 in Austria, in the Wachau gap of the Danube, including a grandiose fireworks show. Passengers of this Train of Experience will have a chance to visit the beautiest areas of the Wachau, this spectacular gap of the River Danube in Austria. The afternoon will be free for exploring Dürnstein, a medieval town reknown for its castle ruins. In the early evening ours our train will depart Dürnstein for Spitz an der Donau where passengers will be able to enjoy the fireworks and admire the wildfires which are staged by the local community, to celebrate the shortest night of the year and the arrival of summer. During the trip there will be several opportunities to photograph the train at various stations and we plan a special photo stop on the return trip at Szárliget station, timed to coincide with the sunrise.

The party car of the train will be open throughout the return trip and a concert performed by musician Tamás Somló in the Orfeum carriage will be followed there by a nostalgic disco dancing night.

Our train will return to Budapest in the early morning hours of 24 July.


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Timetable (draft)

Outward route: Budapest – Vienna - Dürstein – Spitz a. d. Donau

09.30 - Departure from Budapest Nyugati station

10.00 - Departure from Kelenföld

11.55 - Departure from Gyõr

14.30 - Arrival to Dürstein

18.30 - Departure from Dürstein

19.15 - Arrival to Spitz an der Donau


Return route:  Spitz an der Donau - Hegyeshalom – Budapest

23.30 - Departure from Spitz an der Donau

03.00 - Arrival to Gyõr

05.00 - Arrival to Kelenföld

05.40 - Arrival to Budapest Nyugati terminal



 Participation fee

  • Adult, full fare - standard class: HUF 11.990/person
  • Adult, reduced fare - standard class (available until 15 March): HUF 10.990/person
  • Child, full fare - standard class (4-14 years of age): HUF 9.490/person
  • Child, reduced fare - Standard class (available until 15 March): HUF 8.990/person
  • Child (0-4 years of age): free (if not requiring a separate seat)
  • Adult in 6 berth couchette: HUF 16.990/person
  • Child in 6 berth couchette (4-14 years of age): HUF 15.990/person


The participation fee includes the return trip ticket and seat reservation in the selected type of carriage.

A welcome drink and greeting snacks will be awaiting our guests once on-board. Staff of our Train of Experience will ensure your comfort throughout the trip. During our return journey, we will provide our guests with a night of music filled entertainment in the Orfeum carriage and tickets for railway journeys will be awarded to the luckiest of passengers taking part in our nostalgia pools game. As part of our Train of Experience, a dining car will provide an early lunch and a tasty dinner to our passengers. (For the menu of the day CLICK HERE)


Group discounts:

  • Purchase 20 tickets and the 21st passenger may travel for free
  • Purchase 30 tickets and six extra people may join your group for free. This discount may not be used in conjunction with other offers but the early booking fares (available until 15 March 2012) are valid
  • Purchase 60 tickets and fill a carriage of 72 seats: twelve further passengers may join your group for free. This discount may not be used in conjunction with other offers but the early booking fares (available until 15 March 2012) are valid.


To obtain group discounts, please contact Miss Györgyi Csíkos:

Phone/Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242


(Please note that these types of tickets may not be booked on-line!)


Ticket sales:

 MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. Sales Office

(Located next to track 10 at Budapest-Nyugati station)

Phone/Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242




MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. central offices

(Located at the Railway History Park)

Mailing address: H-1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95., HUNGARY

Phone: (+36 1) 238-0558

Fax: (+36 1) 238-0559




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