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Silver Salamander Express

Experience Train to Banská ©tiavnica, Slovakia (Selmecbánya in Hungarian)

‘According to the belief, it occurred that a shepherd was sleeping under the sun-flooded cliffs of the Old Mountain grazing his flock when something suddenly flashed into his eyes. He woke up and saw a silver salamander and a golden one whisking under a rock. So he put his shoulder to the wheel and as he moved the rock away –what a miracle- he found a gold nugget’.

This discovery made the settlement the main mine-city of the Kingdom of Hungary. Banská ©tiavnica lying inside the caldera of an ancient volcano was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list 20 years ago.

After arriving at the railway Station of Banská ©tiavnica a 15-20 minutes walk departs to the town centre with the personnel of the train. For those who find the walk exacting a possibility is granted to get to the town centre by a special bus.

For passengers who have chosen program-package A or B, bus-transfer is ensured to the town-centre/Open-air museum.

Train will be hauled by one of the 50-year-old Nohab diesel locomotives!


Route:  Budapest – Szob – Banská ©tiavnica (planned)

Departure: 06:24 – Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station
Departure: 07:00 – Vác
Departure: 07:35 – Szob
Arrival: 07:50 – Stúrovo
Departure: 08:11 – Stúrovo
Arrival: 10:45 –  Banská ©tiavnica


Departure: 18:10 – Banská ©tiavnica
Arrival: 21:20 – Stúrovo
Departure: 21:35 – Stúrovo
Arrival: 21:50 – Szob
Arrival: 22:15 – Vác
Arrival: 22:40 – Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station


The train contains a buffet-car. (More information about the offer of the buffet-car is available by clicking HERE)
We recommend to our passengers the organized program-package A and B, and you can sense the unique atmosphere of the town by the individual walk-routes below that have plenty of cultural engineering, artistic historical and  natural attractions.


I. Town promenade of Banská ©tiavnica
It provides a pleasant escape for those who want to relax and to spend their free time in atmospheric cafés restaurants and boutiques, while visiting architectural curiosities, including the gothic style St. Catherine church built in the mid 16th century which can be found in the old town.

II. Historical relaxation in the Old Town

By choosing comfortable shoes the old town invites you for a longer walk where you can roam around the Old and New castles. If you feel so, do not miss the exhibitions in the castles. After charging by historical attractions restaurants and cafés are waiting for the tourists.

III. Roaming in the Lower Town

The town shows its other face for those who visit the botanical garden, where the former building of Academy of Mining and Forestry can be found.

IV. Tour to the old mine lake

You can turn your way from the cobbling main square to the mine lake and you will reach the mine lake through steep forest trails,

In addition those who visit the town can find museums, churches, monuments, mine tunnels and can admire the more and more beautiful landscapes.


For those who chose culinary enjoyments Banská ©tiavnica abounds in gastronomic adventures. You can get information about the offers of some restaurants in advance on the following web pages:
Hotel Grand Matej:
Black M:
Sign-posts with maps are placed at several points of the town helping the navigation of tourists.

Information about attractions are available by clicking HERE.

Program packages

Program A: Visiting the open-air mine museum

Open-air mine museum cannot be visited individually, thus we organize a group visit based on advance registration.
One of the most interesting attractions of Banská ©tiavnica –because of its history- the Open-air Mine Museum which can be found in the outskirts of the town. This construction shows the history, tools and techniques of mining ores in a very scenic and fascinating way.

The exhibition consists of two main parts:
• The surface exhibition: mine buildings, mining machines, the tower of tunnel, special mine locomotives, hauling equipments and a geological exhibition.
• Underground exhibition: On the route which was formed in the approximately 1500 m long mine tunnels built between the 17th and 19th century period tools and machines and apparatus which was used for the hard physical work can be viewed..
Flash-lamp, raincoat and miner-helmet are assured, because of the soakings and the often low ceilings, so that the tour will not be an unpleasant memory, but a real adventure for visitors. Temperature is 10-15°C in the mine –regardless of the season- so layered clothing is recommended for visitors – pullover, and coat is necessary! This program –because of the narrow, closed and dark corridors- is recommended for our venturesome passengers!

Content of package: entrance ticket for the open-air museum, tourist guidance in the museum, bus transfer. Period of the program is about 2 hours.

1st group bus transfer, departure 11.00, Railway station – Open-air museum – Town centre
2nd group bus transfer, departure 13.00, Town centre – Open-air museum – Town centre

Program B: Visiting the town

Guided tour whereby visitors can view the main attractions of the town, and get interesting information about the past and present of the settlement.

Content of package: transfer from the station to the town centre, tourist guidance in Hungarian, entrance ticket for the St. Catherine church. Period of the program: about 2 hours.

Participation fees

Standard class
• Adult full price: 9.490 Ft/person
• Adult discount – (can be bought before 28th February 2013)
• Child (4-14 years): 8.490 Ft/person
• Child discount (can be bought before 28th February 2013): 7.990 Ft/person

Pullman Club class
• at a table for 4:   15.990 Ft /person
• at a table for 2:   18.990 Ft /person

Participation fees include return ticket for the Experience Train and the booking of a seat. Welcome drink and appetizers will be offered for our guests. Staff of the Experience Train ensures the comfort of our passengers throughout the journey.

Participation prices valid for the Pullman Club class include the round-trip ticket, the reservation in the exceedingly comfortable car equipped with inclinable seats with a large space for feet, as well as extra services: a separate staff assures the comfort of our passengers, high-standard, gratis papers and magazines are available for our guests. Mineral water, coffee and tea are consumable at seats unlimitedly, and drinks and food can be chosen from our broad offer for some extra charge (our offer and price list can be found by clicking HERE).


Optional tours

Option A Visiting the open-air mine museum: 3.990 HUF/person

Option B Sight seeing tour in Banská ©tiavnica:   1.990 HUF/person

Fees of optional tours contain tourist guidance, entrance fees and bus transfer.


Possibility for booking an accommodation in Budapest!

We are pleased to inform our guests from the countryside that there is an opportunity to book a discount accommodation by the help of MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd from now before your journey, so that you can catch our trains comfortably and safely at the Nyugati Railway Station and you don’t have to worry about arriving late!

Location of accommodations ensures a comfortable and quick connection to the Nyugati Railway Station by public transport! For booking, please click on “Registering to this program” link, and choose your accommodation after selecting tickets!

Accommodation offers:

Prémium Apartman Hotel
Address: 1139 Budapest, Országbíró u. 44-46.

Országbíró street 44-46


Premium Apartman Hotel "Sweet Harmony" ( 18 - 99 years old ) in Studio flat 12 500 Ft/ flat
Premium Apartman Hotel "Sweet Harmony" ( 18 - 99 years old ) in Apartment flat 13 000 Ft/ flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 1 child in Studio flat 12 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 1 child in Apartment flat 13 000 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 2 children in Studio flat 13 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 2 children in Apartment flat 14 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 3 children in Studio flat 14 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 3 children Apartment flat 15 500 Ft / flat

Prices above do not contain breakfast, but VAT and tourist tax are included.

Further information:

Group discount

• After buying 20 participation tickets 1 passenger can travel free of charge.

• Half car discount:
In case of buying 30 participation tickets, 36 persons can take part in the journey, for 6 persons the participation is gratis. It cannot be combined with further discounts, but the discount pre-booking prices are valid.

• Whole car discount:
In case of buying 60 participation tickets, 72 persons can take part in the journey, for 12 persons the participation is gratis. It cannot be combined with further discounts, but the discount pre-booking prices are valid.


For taking advantage of group discounts, please contact Györgyi Csíkos.

Tel./Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242


(Attention! These types of tickets may not be booked on-line.)



This journey is worth 1 frequent-passenger stamp!

Learn more about our frequent-passenger program HERE


Ticket sales

MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. Sales Office personally near 10th platform

of the West Railway Station in Budapest

Book a ticket on-line at the "registering to this program" title at the top of the page after registration

Tel./Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242
Mon-Thu: 10:00 - 18:00
Fri: 10:00 - 16:30

MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.
Central office/postal address: H-1142 Budapest, Tatai street 95. (In the area of the Railway Historic Museum)
Tel: (+36 1) 238-0558
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
Fax: (+36 1) 238-0559

Further ticket sales point

Wasteels Travel Ltd.
Keleti Railway Station near 10th platform
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 18:00
Fri: 10.00 - 17:30
Tel: ( 0036-1) 210-2802, 343-34 92
Fax: ( 0036-1 ) 210-2806


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