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Experience Train to Semmering

All day trip to Semmering

Travel by the MÁV Nosztaliga Kft.’s Experience Train through the Semmering mountain pass!
This railway, which has been declared as part of the World Heritage, is the first mountain railway in Europe. Not only can the passengers enjoy the magnificent landscape but also marvel at the architectural execution of the stretches’ landmarks. The beauty of the tunnels, the viaducts, and the alpine scenery will unfold itself before the eyes’ of the guests.
We can recommend a lighter or a more intense on-foot or bicycle excursion on one of the touring routes of Semmering. As a cultural program the guests can visit the museums and exhibitions of Semmering.
The train travels with a dining car.


  • Adult: 6990 Huf
  • Child: (between 4-14 years of age) ): 4490 Huf


Budapest – Gyõr - Sopron – Semmering - Mürzzuschlag

Departure:   06:30 Nyugati Railway Station, Budapest (West  Railway Station)
Departure:   07:05 Budapest Kelenföld
Departure:   07:09 Budaörs
Departure:   08:25 Gyõr
Departure:   09:45 Sopron
Arrival:   10:55 Gloggnitz
Arrival:   11:05 Payerbach-Reichenau
Arrival:   11:42 Semmering
Arrival:   11:56 Mürzzushlag


Mürzzuschlag – Semmerin - Sopron – Gyõr - Budapest

Departure:  17:00 Mürzzuschlag
Departure:  17:15 Semmering
Departure:  17:44 Payerbach – Reichenau
Departure:  17:54 Gloggnitz
Arrival: 19:04 Sopron
Arrival: 20:34 Gyõr
Arrival: 21:55  Budaörs
Arrival: 21:59  Budapest Kelenföld
Arrival: 22:43  Nyugati Railway Station, Budapest (West  Railway Station)

The participation fee includes the return ticket and the booking of a seat. The staff of the MÁV Nosztalgia Kft. will try to ensure the comfort of the passengers throughout the journey. Music band will be performing on the return journey in the Orfeum-carriage, also we will prepare a small surprise.

Tickets can be bought till 22nd February 2012 at MÁV Nostalgia ticket office, Budapest Nyugati (West) Station at platform 10.
Telephone - ticket order: (+36 1) 269-5242
Telephone - more information:(+36 1) 238-0558

Schedule (proposed)

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14. 14th February Valentine Day Candle-light Express 23. 25. 25th February - Experience Train to Miskolc Meat Jelly Festival
15. 15th March PIVO Express - Experience Train Cruise to Brno, Moravia 15.
01. 06. 6-9th April Easter Excursion to Transylvania by Experience Train 09. 9th April Excursion by Steam Hauled Sissi Train to Gödöllõ on Eastern Monday 20. 20th April - Candle-light Dinner on Classic Orient Expressz 21. 21st April - Steam Hauled Train to Cuha valley 21. 21st April - Experience Train to Kosice 28. 28th April - Experience Train to Eisenstadt
11. 11. 11th May Candle-light Dinner on Venice-Simplon-Orient Express Dinning Cars 12. 13. 19. 19th May - Steam Hauled Train to the Danube Bend 21. 24. 27. Children' s Day at the Railway Museum 28. 28th May Experience Train to Semmering 30.
01. 16. Museum's Night 23. Mid-Summer Night's Dream Express 23. Trip to Bratislava with Arpad motorcar 25.
01. 09. 25. 29. 29th July Excursion to Balassagyarmat Anna Day Procession
02. 24. 25. 25th Augustus Excursion by Steam Hauled Sissi Train to Gödöllõ
02. 07. 08. European Garden Railway Convention and Exhibition 08. Steam Hauled Train to the Danube Bend 15. 12th Central European Steam Locomotive Grand Prix 22. Experience Train to Linz 28. 28th September Candle-light Dinner 29.
05. 06. Hegyalja Express to the Vintage Festival in Tokaj 13. 28th May Experience Train to Semmering 20. Travel to the Sausage Festival in Békéscsaba by the Experience Train 22. Kõmíves Kelemenné Express 28.
09. 9th November Martin's Day Candle-light Express
01. 07. 08. 14. 14th December Christmas Candle-light Express dining train 15. 22nd December Excursion by Experience Train to the Advent in Vienna 19. Nostalgic Memorial Train - 20 years old MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. 22. 22nd December Excursion by Experience Train to the Advent in Vienna 28.
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