Friday, 12 july 2013

Two Friends Express to Krakkow

In the spirit of the Hungarian-Polish friendship an Experience Train departs to Krakow for the first time in July 2013 reviving the old tradition of ’visiting the neighbouring’ friends.
The former capital city of Poland connects to the Hungarian history in many ways. The unique atmosphere of Krakow, its buildings being the part of the World Heritage and its landmarks attract more and more tourists every year. Passengers of the experience train get a feel of the justly famous friendship between Hungarians and Poles in addition to the attractions of the city. Hosts of the train present the story of landscapes and highlighted landmarks flying by and take care of amusing programs and quizzes. Dining and bar cars of the train are at the service of our guests throughout the journey.

Day-by-day program

12th July 2013. Friday

Departure from Nyugati Railway Station at 6.10. Everyone can take their seat reserved in advance on the Experience train and then the personnel of train serve the welcome drink and appetizer. There is a possibility to join the trip at Hatvan, Füzesabony or Miskolc. We pass the Slovakian border at Hidasnémeti and reach the border of Poland through Kosice and Presov. We can get acquainted with Polish culture and history by the help of experts, and we can get a Polish lesson in the form of the mini dictionary of the Experience train.
Krakow will be reached in the late afternoon. After arrival guests of the train will be welcomed by our Polish friends, and then we will walk to the main square of the city. We offer Tokaji wine to our hosts after the greeting and singing the anthem of both countries. After celebration our guests will be accompanied to the selected accommodation which will be followed by some free time.

13th July 2013.

Breakfast at accommodations and then free time for everyone or optional trips can be chosen which are advertised for this day. Application for these programs is possible when booking your journey.
Option A – Trip to the salt mine of Wieliczka

Period: 3.5 hours, departure: 08.30

This salt mine is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, as it is the oldest mine of the world operating since the 18th century continuously. This salt mine is more then 800 years old and length of corridors is more then 300 km. The approximately 3 km long underground route is passing through salt corridors, salt chambers, and next to salt statues. In the course of tourist guidance it is possible to explore three levels, the first one is 65 m, the second one is 110 m and the third one is 135 m from the surface of the earth. The chief-attraction of the visit is St Kinga’s chapel which is a giant chamber where salt statue of Pope John Paul II can be found

Option B – Sightseeing tour in Krakow

Period: 4,5 hours, departure: 14.30

By the help of a Hungarian tourist guide you can get acquainted with the attractions of the old town, you can walk through the way of Kings, and you can visit the Wawel (Royal Castle), where royal apartments and tombs of Polish rulers – tomb of István Báthory amongst them - can be visited.

Option C – Trip to Auschwitz

Period 6 hours, departure 14.00
A trip by bus to Auschwitz the former concentration camp and the stage of martyrdom of millions. The Auschwitz Museum is the memorial of recollection. It is a ghoulish place, and it was the biggest concentration camp in the territory of the fascist Europe in the mid 20th century. The museum opened in 1947, where a shocking exhibition commemorates the victims.


14th July 2013. Sunday

Breakfast at accommodations and then a short free time e.g. buying souvenirs until the departure of the train. (During this time luggage is transported to the train). The Experience Train departures at 11.15 to Budapest where it arrives in the evening. There will be the declaration of the quiz and giving the award on the way back. Possibility for getting off the train will be ensured at Miskolc, Füzesabony and Hatvan.



Budapest – Hatvan -  Miskolc – Hidasnémeti – Kosice – Presov – Plavec - Kraków

Departure   06.21 - Budapest Nyugati Railway Station
Departure   08.14  Hatvan
Departure   09.00  Füzesabony
Departure   09.24  Miskolc Tiszai Railway Station
Arrival  17.00  Krakow

Kraków – Plavec – Presov – Kosice – Hidasnémeti – Miskolc – Füzesabony – Hatvan - Budapest

Departure  11.15  Krakow
Arrival  19.32  Miskolc Tiszai Pályaudvar 
Arrival  20.00  Füzesabony 
Arrival  21.00  Hatvan 
Arrival  22.04  Budapest Nyugati Railway Station

Fare prices

Standard class

• Adult full price: 24.990 Ft/person
• Adult discount - (can be bought until 28th February 2013.): 22.990 Ft/person
• Child (4-14 years): 19.990 Ft/person
• Child discount (can be bought until 28th February 2013.): 18.990 Ft/person

Pullman Club class,

• At a table for 4:   32.990 Ft /person
• At a table for 2:   35.990 Ft /person
Participation fees include round-trip ticket and a reserved seat in the selected type of car. Welcome drink and appetizers will await our guests. Personnel of the Experience train ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Participation fees valid for the  Pullman Class include the return ticket, the reservation in the exceedingly comfortable car equipped with inclinable seats with a large space for feet, as well as extra services: a separate staff assures the comfort of our passengers throughout the journey, high-standard, gratis papers and magazines are available for our guests. Unlimited mineral water, coffee and tea are consumable at the seats, and our passengers can choose from the wide scale of our offering of drinks and foods for an extra fee (for seeing our offer and prices click HERE).

Fare tickets do not contain the price of accommodation in Krakow, which must be paid according to the selected type of accommodation and fees of optional tours are neither included.

Price of accommodation in Krakow

In the HOTEL ZACEK ** : 15.000 HUF/person/2 nights
In the Hotel Logos *** : 25.000 HUF/person/2 nights
Extra charge for single bed in the Hotel Logos : 17.000 HUF/room/2 nights
Price of accommodation contains bed and breakfast for two nights in a room with two beds in the selected hotel, as well as the luggage transfers from the railway station to the selected hotel and back to the railway station. Personnel of the Experience Train are at our guests’ service at the accommodation.

Optional tours:

Option A – Trip to the salt mine of Wieliczka:  7.490 HUF/ person
Option B – Sightseeing tour in Krakow:   9.990 HUF/person
Option C – Trip to Auschwitz:    7.490 HUF/person

Fees of the optional tours contain tourist guidance, entrance fees in reference to the tour and bus transfer.

Options B and C are in the same time, thus only one of them can be booked!

 Insurance fees (optional, a policy just can be taken out personally)
Travel insurance:  1.480 Ft/person/3 days

Possibility for booking an accommodation in Budapest!
We are pleased to inform our guests from the countryside that there is an opportunity to book a discount accommodation by the help of MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd from now before your journey, so that you can catch our trains comfortably and safely at the Nyugati Railway Station and you don’t have to worry about arriving late!
Location of accommodations ensures a comfortable and quick connection to the Nyugati Railway Station by public transport! For booking, please click on “Registering to this program” link, and choose your accommodation after selecting tickets!

Accommodation offers:
Premium Apartman Hotel Studio ( 35-45 nm2 ) or Apartment ( 45 nm2 ) flats,
Address: 1139, Budapest
Országbíró street 44-46


Premium Apartment Hotel "Sweet Harmony" ( 18 - 99 years old ) in Studio flat 11 000 Ft/ flat
Premium Apartment Hotel "Sweet Harmony" ( 18 - 99 years old ) in Apartment flat 11 500 Ft/ flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 1 child in Studio flat 11 000 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 1 child in Apartment flat 11 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 2 children in Studio flat 12 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 2 children in Apartment flat 13 000 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 3 children in Studio flat 13 500 Ft / flat
Premium Apartman Hotel Parents plus 3 children Apartment flat 14 000 Ft / flat

Prices above do not contain breakfast, but VAT and tourist tax are included.

Further information:


Group discount
(Group discount is just valid for train tickets)
• After buying 20 participation tickets 1 passenger can travel free of charge.

Half car discount:
In case of buying 30 participation tickets, 36 persons can take part in the journey, for 6 persons the participation is gratis. It cannot be combined with further discounts, but the discount pre-booking prices are valid.

Whole car discount:
In case of buying 60 participation tickets, 72 persons can take part in the journey, for 12 persons the participation is gratis. It cannot be combined with further discounts, but the discount pre-booking prices are valid.

For taking advantage of group discounts, please contact Györgyi Csíkos.
Tel./Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242
(Attention! These types of tickets may not be booked online.)

This journey is worth 2 frequent-passenger stamp!

Learn more about our frequent-passenger programme HERE 
 Ticket sales

MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. Sales Office personally near 10th platform
of the West Railway Station in Budapest
Book a ticket on-line at the "registering to this program" title at the top of the page after registration
Tel./Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242
Mon-Thu: 10:00 - 18:00
Fri: 10:00 - 16:30

MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.
Central office/postal address: H-1142 Budapest, Tatai street 95. (In the area of the Railway Historic Museum)
Tel: (+36 1) 238-0558
Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
Fax: (+36 1) 238-0559

Further ticket sales point

Wasteels Travel Ltd.
Keleti Railway Station near 10th platform
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 18:00
Fri: 10.00 - 17:30
Tel: ( 0036-1) 210-2802, 343-34 92
Fax: ( 0036-1 ) 210-2806

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