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Martin's Day Candle-light Express

 Candle-light Express
A romantic journey back in time with delicious food and musical delights.The luxurious carriages of the Candlelit Express comprise a saloon car, a bar, and a dining car offering three hours of gastronomic delight to those who wish to take part in this special journey and want to evoke the ambience of the past. The three-course candle-lit dinner is served in the dining car along with fine Hungarian wines offered by a sommelier. You can choose a regular menu or a vegetarian one.

Menus to choose from

Menu I.
For meat-lovers

  1. Freshly baked French bread slices with spiced butter
  2. Smoked trout crepe on crunchy salad bed
  3. Deer stew with pumpkin purée and rice with wild mushrooms
  4. Small Mascarpone baskets with cranberry 

Menu II.
For vegetarians

  1. Freshly baked French bread slices with spiced butter
  2. Chef salad with figs marinated in Tokai wine
  3. Parenica cheese steak on delicious mushroom bed
  4. Fruit salad from fresh and tasty fruit of the season  

Drinks to go with the menus

  • Welcome drink - Dry champagne (Törley sec)
  • Wine - quality white and red wine
    • Szeremley Szemelt Rizling (dry white wine)
    • Tokaji Furmint (dry white wine)
    • Bodri Cilvilis QV (red dry wine)
  • Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Light / Fanta / Sprite
  • Fruit juices: Apple Juice / Orange Juice / Peach Juice
  • Mineral water - sparkling / still
  • Coffee - Espresso / long coffee 

Candle-lit Express Boy Service

Make your journey on Candle-lit Express even more unforgettable. Surprise your loved-ones with some delicacy. We are at your disposal in providing a bottle of birthday champagne, a bottle of good wine, a bunch of flowers or a birthday cake. 

Bunches of flowers

  • Small bunch: 3.000 Huf
  • Medium-sized bunch: 5.000 Huf
  • Big bunch: 7.000  Huf


  • Hungária Extra Dry (0,7l): 3500Huf
  • Hungária Rosé (0,7l): 3500  Huf


The following cakes are available: 

  • Eszterházy walnut cake
  • Dobos cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Sacher cake 
  • 4-slice cake: 3.000 Huf
  • 8-slice cake: 5.000  Huf

The price of candles are included in the cake price.

If you want to use the Boy Service, please, let us know about it when you buy the ticket. 


Departure of the Candle-lit Express:Nyugati Train Station, Budapest 19:00


Groups can order the Candle-lit Express for any date they wish. 

Price of the programme: 

  • At a table for four: 14.990 Huf / person
  • At a table for two: 16.990 Huf / person

The nostalgic journey, the welcome drink, the chosen menu plus the drinks that go with the menu, and a surprise program are included in the price.  

Tickets are available:
In the office of MÁV Nosztalgia Kft. Next to platform 10 at the Nyugati Train Station
Ticket information.: (+36 1) 269-5242
Other Information: (+36 1) 238-0558


Schedule (proposed)

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06. K. u. K Express to Vienna with Experience Train 12. Two Friends Express to Krakkow
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06. 07. Steam-hauled train excursion to the Danube Bend 14. 18. 21. Experience Train to Pannonhalma and Zirc 21. 27. Candle-light Express 28. 28. 28. Danube Express - The Central European 28.
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