Saturday, 13 december 2014

Trip with the 80-year-old Árpád diesel railcar to Vienna

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The legendary motorcoach of GANZ factory, called Árpád, celebrates its 80th birtday in 2014.
Due to this anniversary we organize train tours seven times in 2014 with one of the most famous item of the Hungarian Railway Production.
Join us to the last tour of the serie on 13th of December 2014 when we travel to Vienna.
The motorcoaches which have been fitted only first class seats, take its first scheduled service at 15th of December 1934. The train has been performed the 278 km distance between Budapest and Vienna during only 2 hours 57 minutes. This achievment was absolutely unique in that times and we can name it the forerunner of the EuroCity trains.
The Árpád motorcoach and the same day departing Advent Express Experience Train runs paralell with each other between Budapest Ferencváros and Budaörs stations onwards to Vienna and between Hegyeshalom and Kimle stations backwards. We kindly ask our guests to dress in warm clothes because of the expected cold weather.

Two tickets are available for the excursion:
Standard ticket, which includes a memory card,
Support ticket, which includes a memory package and one frequent flyer stamp. The income of the support tickets will be turn on to the maintenance costs of the Árpád motorcoach.



Standard ticket: 14.990 Ft/person
Support ticket: from 14.990 Ft/person

The fare includes the round way ticket and seat reservation. The crew of the MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. ensures the convenience and providing information about the journey and the destination as well. We are looking forward our kind guests with welcome drink outwards. Backwards we will prepare some small surprises for you.
In the buffett of the motorcoach hot and cold drinks are available, however we are not able to serve meals ont he board.

Maximum availability of the motorcoach: 64 persons
Order your dinner in advance and enjoy your meal in a convenient way at your seat.
Menu: fried pork and potato salad with mayonnaise.
Price: 1500 HUF/person/meal

(The above price includes the meal, the plastic box, napkin and plastic cutlery)
The order of the dinner is possible only the time of the ticket purchasing.


To take part in our excursion valid passport or identification card (both for adults and children as well) is a must.


This excursion earns one frequent flyer stamp!

Learn more about our frequent flyer program!

Tickets are available:

In the office of MÁV Nosztalgia Kft. next to platform number 10 at Nyugati Train Station or via our website. For online reservation registration is a must.

Tel./Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242
Monday to Thursday: 10:00 – 18:00
Friday: 10:00 – 16:30

MÁV Nosztalgia Kft.
Headquarter H-1142 Budapest, Tatai út 93/A
Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Tel: (+36 1) 238-0558
Fax: (+36 1)238-0559

Schedule (proposed)

Budapest Keleti Railway Station. - Budapest Kelenföld - Vienna
Departure - 06:55 Budapest Keleti Railway Station

Departure - 07:10 Budapest Kelenföld

Departure - 08:08 Tatabánya

Departure  - 09:13 Győr

Arrival - 11:13 Vienna / Wien Westbahnhof
Vienna - Budapest Kelenföld - Budapest Keleti Railway Station
Departure  –  17.16 Vienna/Wien Westbahnhof

Arrival – 19:03 Győr

Arrival – 19:51 Tatabánya

Arrival – 20:48 Kelenföld

Departure –  21:14 Budapest Keleti Railway Station
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Trip with the 80-year-old Árpád diesel railcar to Vienna -