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PIVO Express - Expreience Train to Brno

PIVO Expressz – Experience Train to Brno

One day Beer Tour to the capital city of Moravia.

Brno is one of the hundreds years old city of the Czech Republic. The capital city of Moravia is famous for its medieval churches, castles, elegant shops and the cosy brewery. The old town which ensures several sights can be reached with a short walk from the main railway station of Brno. The staff of the Experience Train gives you a small dictionary and after the arrival we take a walk to the main square of the town together.

Optional program facilities:

A. Sightseeing walk

 Guiding on English language

The price of the program: 2.000 HUF

B/C. Beer Tram in the heart of the city!

The tickets are sold out!

Explore the charming inner city of Brno with the unique Beer Tram. During the approximately 2 hours long journey the tram goes along the most beautiful sights of the city and a wide range of draft beers and meals are waiting for the guest. A toilet serves your convenient on the board. The program starts after the arrival of our train.

Max. capacity of the tram: 40 persons

The price of the program is 5.000 HUF (The program lasts app. 2 hours and includes 2 jar draft beer)

Tickets on Standard class

• Adult: 11.990 HUF/person
• Child (4-14 years): 9.490 HUF/person

The fare of the Experience train includes the round way ticket and seat reservation. The crew of the MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. ensures the convenience and providing information about the journey and the destination as well. We are looking forward our kind guests with welcome drink and morning bites. Backwards we will prepare some small surprises for you. In the Orfeum party carriage were waiting for you with live music performance. A dinning carriage runs on the train.

Tickets on Pullman Club class

• at 2 or 4 person table 19.990 HUF/person
• a 4 persons table can be reserve if 3 passenger book a ticket

Our Pullman Club class fare includes a round way train ticket and seat reservation. Pullman Club carriages are equipped with extraordinary convenient, reclining seats and we ensure extra services for you: an own personnel take care of your convenience. Unlimited mineral water, tea and coffee consumption is available during the whole length of the journey and of course you can choose from our drink and meal offer for charge.
This tour earns 1 frequent flyer stamp.

Learn more about our Frequent Flyer Program here !

Tickets are available:

Personally at the ticket office MAV Nosztalgia Kft.
Located at Budapest Nyugati Railway Station at platform nr. 10.
Via our website (registration is needed).

Tel/Fax: (+36 1) 269-5242
Ticket Office opening hours:
Monday: 11:00 - 19:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00 - 18:00
Friday: 09:00 - 15:30

MÁV Nosztalgia Kft.
Headquarter H-1142 Budapest, Tatai út 93/A.
Tel: (+36 1) 238-0558
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Fax: (+36 1) 238-0559

Further sales point

Wasteels Utazási KFT.
Kelet Railway Station at platform number 9.
Monday – Thursday: 10:00 - 18:00
Friday: 10:00 - 17:30
Tel : ( 0036-1) 210-2802, 343-34 92
Fax: ( 0036-1 ) 210-2806

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Schedule (proposed)

Budapest – Sturovo - Brno
Departure: 06:05 - Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station
Departure: 06:38 - Vác
Departure: 07:09 - Szob
Arrival: 11:03 - Brno
Brno – Sturovo – Budapest
Departure: 17:43 - Brno
Arrival: 21:40 - Szob
Arrival: 22:08 - Vác
Arrival: 22:39 - Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station
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