Saturday, 24 september 2016

Steam hauled train to the Danube-bend

Our one day trip nostalgia train departs from Nyugati Railway Station of Budapest heading the picturesque Danube-bend. You can travel in the most beautiful vintage carriages pulled by a steam engine. This way you can feel what it felt like travelling by train in the “Good Old Days”.

Kismaros is located 45 kilometres north of Budapest on the eastern bank of the Danube river, just above the bend where the river changes course and flows south. The village is seated at the foot of the Börzsöny Hills on the outskirts of the Carpathians.
The village’s history dates back to the 18th century when Germans from the Black Forest came to settle down in the area. The word Maros derives from the Latin "Mures" word and means waterfront, village or fortress. Agriculture specifically the cultivation of grapes and other fruits provided living for most residents. Today’s Kismaros is a busy suburban settlement of Budapest. From Kismaros leads a narrow-gauge forest railway through Szokolya Királyrét.
Nagymaros is a medieval city, opposite side of the Danube is Visegrad, they were twin towns during the reign of Charles Robert. Featured lost only role during the Turkish occupation. Today, a major resort on the Danube, a major water sports base. It has a 14th century Gothic-style Roman Catholic Temple. It has an artists’ colony.
Zebegény: The village houses belonging to Saint Michael Hill (485 m) where they were built. Slovak loggers and settlers in southern Germany took part in the introductions after the Turkish times. The Classicist Calvary stands almost in the middle of the village. The village is also famous for the painter István Szőnyi, who lived here. His Studio house is now a museum. The village’s another interesting exhibition is the Marine Historical Museum of a retired captain.

On the day of our train’s arrival the Flower Olympics event will be held in Zebegény. The Flower Olympic’s program coming soon...
Szob: Ipoly confluence away. Rich in archaeological finds. The resort town character. After the Turkish occupation rebounding village baroque church was built between 1775 and 1778. It has a museum of archaeological findings in the area of the villages along the Ipoly costumes, folk furniture and everyday objects.

The assembly runs buffet car where you can purchase refreshments.

Ticket prices
•    Adult - upholstered seat  Return ticket: 7990 HUF/ person
•    Adult - wooden bench Return ticket: 5990 HUF/ person 
•    Children - upholstered seat (between 4-14 years of age) Return ticket: 6490 HUF/ person
•    Children - wooden bench (between 4-14 years of age) Return ticket: 4490 HUF/ person
•    Children - upholstered seat or wooden bench (under 4 years of age): free of charge

Optional packages

A) Kismaros

We take the nostalgia train to Kismaros.  We take a short walk from the train station of Kismaros to the terminus of the Királyrét Forest Railway (narrow-gauge). We get the forest railway up to Királyrét. During a Hungarian language guided tour we get a lot of information about the historic and wildlife of Királyrét and we cross some runnel too, and have a look to a derelict iron mine. After the trip we get a two coursies lunch, following by some freetime and a possibility to try the handcart track near the terminus featuring uphill and downhill sections.

Tickets can be bought till 16th May 2016 at MÁV Nostalgia ticket office, Budapest Nyugati (West) Station at platform 10.
Telephone: (+36 1) 269-5242

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