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Steam hauled coronation train to Bratislava

Steam hauled coronation train to Bratislava

In the world there are very few places where coronations have taken place . Reims - Coronation city of the kings of France , Prague - city of coronation of Czech kings, Frankfurt - Coronation city of the emperors of Holy Roman Empire. This includes the coronation city of Bratislava , the capital and coronation city of Hungarian kings, which is the capital of the Slovak Republic at the time. The coronation period lasted almost 300 years. During this period, the Crown received 18 kings and queens in Bratislava. Among the most important monarch Maria Theresa was crowned on June 25, 1741.

Even today, almost 200 years after the last coronation in Bratislava, you can still meet witnesses of the glorious coronation story. In the first place, the castle , the royal residence of the Hungarian kings. At the castle not only residential spaces of the Royal family have been located, but in one of the towers, the crown jewels of the Hungarian kings were housed. The coronation ceremony was held at St. Martin’s. At the top is the gold-plated replica of the royal crown, which weighs about 150 kg. After the coronation of the king went to the oldest church in Bratislava, the Franciscan Church.
There, the Knights were beaten to the Order of the Golden Spur. Thereafter, the newly crowned king put behind the city wall from the oath that he will comply with all privileges. As a final act of crowning the king rode up the coronation hill and swung his sword in all directions, as a sign that he wird. Auf protect the country from the enemy , there were the streets a folk festival with jousting and with the fireworks , wine flowed from all wells and there were baked oxen.


Adult on upholstered seat    13990 HUF
Adult on wooden seat         11990 HUF
Children (age4-14) on upholstered seat      12490 HUF
Children (age 4-14) on wooden seat           10490 HUF


Budapest - Bratislava
Budapest-Nyugati pu. Departure: 06:30
Kelenföld Arrival: 07:07 Departure: 7:09
Bratislava (Pozsony) Arrival: 10:55
Bratislava - Budapest
Bratislava (Pozsony) Departure 18:00
Kelenföld Arrival: 21:56
Budapest-Nyugati pu. Arrival: 22:46

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