Tuesday, 8 march 2016

Women’s Day Candle-light Express

A romantic journey back in time with delicious food and musical delights.The luxurious carriages of the Candle-light Express comprise a saloon car, a bar, and a dining car offering three hours of gastronomic delight to those who wish to take part in this special journey and want to evoke the ambience of the past. The three-course candle-light dinner is served in the dining car along with fine Hungarian wines offered by a sommelier. You can choose a regular menu or a vegetarian one.


18.30-19.00 Arrival to Budapest Nyugati railway station, Registration, takeover of the boarding passes, welcome drink (Platform number 9)

19.10 Departure of the Candle-light Express 
Starter and main course will be served on the way in the dining cars.

20.30-21.30 Music programme in the bar car.

App. 22.10 Arrival to Budapest Nyugati railway station – Farewell 

The Candle Light Express departs at 19 o’clock from Budapest Nyugati railway station, platform number 9



At a table in a standard dining car 
17.990 HUF/person
At a table in the 100 years old Orient Express Dining Car 
22.990 HUF/person

The nostalgic journey, the welcome drink, the chosen menu and the drinks that go with the menu, and a surprise program are included in the price.

The ticket of the Candle-light Express valid only if you pay the fee of the nostalgia train journey and the dinner as well. 


Tickets are available until 1st of March 2016.




Menus to choose from:

Menu I.

Freshly baked French bread slices with spiced butter
Orange spinach salad with olive and roasted walnut
Stuffed turkeybreast with cheese and broccoli with steamed vegetables  and mashed potatoe
Chocolate mousse

Menu II.

Freshly baked French bread slices with spiced butter
Orange spinach salad with olive and roasted walnut

Tenderloin and roasted chanterelle with bacon and potato casserole
Chocolate mousse

Vegetarian menu

Freshly baked French bread slices with spiced butter
Orange spinach salad with olive and roasted walnut

Broccoli cabonara with cheese tagliatelle
Chocolate mousse


• Welcome drink - Hungária Extra Dry dry sparkling wine

Káli Kövek Riesling 2014

Szeleshát winery K2 Bluefrankish 2011

• Sauska Rosé 2015

• Dessert - Thummerer Muscatel 2014

• Soft drinks: Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Light / Fanta / Sprite
• Juices: Orange / Peach / Apple
• Mineral water: Natur Aqua gas / without gas
• Coffee: Espresso / Long

Candle-lit Express Boy Service

Make your journey on Candle-lit Express even more unforgettable. Surprise your loved-ones with some delicacy. We are at your disposal in providing a bottle of birthday champagne, a bottle of good wine, a bunch of flowers or a birthday cake.

Bunches of flowers

Medium-sized bunch: 5.000 Huf


Hungária Extra Dry (0,7l): 5000 Huf



If you enjoyed the wine which comes with your menu, you are able to buy them as follows:

Pannonhalma Abbey Sauvignon Blanc 2014 - 3.790 Huf/bottle

St. Andrea winery - A Kutya fáját (dry red wine)  - 2.990 Huf/bottle

Sauska Rosé 2015 - 3.490 Huf/bottle

Thummerer Muscatel 2014 - 2.990 Huf/bottle



The following cakes are available:

  • Eszterházy walnut cake
  • Dobos cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Sacher cake 

4-slice cake: 3.000 Huf

The price of candles are included in the cake price.

If you want to use the Boy Service, please, let us know about it when you buy the ticket.

Candle-lit Express just for you!

The luxury train of the Candle-lit Express which includes saloon and dining cars, can be ordered during the whole year. Our train is a great venue for gala dinners, corporate events or family celebrations.We ensures tailor made solution in our Candle-lit Express to you. Our Chef creates the menu and the drink choice as per the request of the customer. We can arrange a brandy or wine tasting, music or an illusionist show.Further information:

• Péter Nagy: nagy.peter@mavnosztalgia.hu 
• Tel: (+36 1) 238-0558

Tickets are available:

For online reservation registration is a must.
MÁV Nosztalgia Ticket Office - Nyugati salespoint
H-1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55.
Nyugati Railway Station next to platform 10.

Phone: (+36 1) 269-5242
Email: jegyrendeles@mavnosztalgia.hu 

Opening hours:

Monday: 11 am.- 7 pm.    
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm.    
Friday: 9 am. - 15:30    
Saturday, Sunday: closed

MÁV Nosztalgia Kft.Headquarter 
H-1142 Budapest, Tatai út 93/A

Open: Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Phone: (+36 1) 238-0558
E-mail: utazas@mavnosztalgia.hu 

Schedule (proposed)

Budapest Nyugati Train Station – Esztergom
Departure: 18:48 Budapest Nyugati Train Station
Esztergom - Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station
Arrival: 21:57 Budapest Nyugati Train Station
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