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Summer Semmering Express

Travel with the Adventure Train through the Semmering Pass!

This is the world’s first high mountain rail road, which was built in 1854, and became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990. In addition to its beautiful natural landscapes that surround the rail road, there are various man-made objects to showcase the stunning sights: 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts, more than 100 stone bridges and gateways, which fit into the mountainous landscape. The tunnels, viaducts and the beauty of the alpine landscape unfold before passengers’ eyes.

We recommend that you spend some time exploring Semmering on an easy or harder hiking or bike riding tour as there are numerous trails close-by. Semmering is filled with many cultural programs and museums and exhibits, ready for you to explore.

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In order to travel, passengers – both adults and children alike – must have a valid passport or ID card!

Ticket Sales

MÁV Nosztalgia Kft. sales office is located at Budapest-Nyugati train station next to Platform 10. After internet booking registration, tickets can be purchased from the option at the top of the page under “Apply for this program”.

Tel: (+36 1) 269-5242

Opening hours:
•    Monday: 11am-7pm
•    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-6pm
•    Friday: 9am-3.30pm
•    Saturday, Sunday: closed


Tickets for the trip must be purchased no later than the last working day before the trip! Tickets cannot be purchased at the departure site!


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The upper Shwarza Valley’s main city gives opportunities for visitors to relax. At the foot of the Eichenberg, the city boasts plenty of sights. The restored mansion, following its 1992 national exhibition, has now become the city’s cultural and social centre. The castle is increasingly becoming the centre point for castle dream weddings. In recent years, the town has also become the shopping city in the upper Schwarza Valley.

Gloggnitzi Castle
The Schloss Gloggnitz (castle) is located between the Schwarz and Weissenbach valleys, and beautiful landscapes can be seen from all sides. It was founded by Bavarian Formbach am Inn Monks and it was first mentioned in history in 1094. The castle’s courtyard contains the church, which is often referred to as the “Lady of the Snows” (Maria Schnee Kirche). Its single roof is covered with slender towers of onion domes, which are characteristic of Austria. Visiting the castle is free, but entry must be paid to see the permanent and temporary exhibitions. In Gloggnitz’s main square, the St. Othmar chapel can be found, which is characteristic for its Gothic wooden tower.

Payerbach – Reichenau:

Payerbach: Payerbach town was created in the area, where the Schwarza River Valley attracts the most visitors. It is situated in the northern area of the mountains; it looks like something out of a postcard. On the south bank of the river, visitors can see the remarkable pavilion in the Payerbach Park. The park is a green oasis behind which the St. Jacob Gothic parish church is located, which is said to be a protective fortress for the town. While here, it is also worth a visit to the old railway station, located adjacent to the museum park.

The old railway station is often the end goal of hikers on their trails, but some people also opt to use it as a starting point. Many hikers trek visit the village everyday, using it as a middle point before heading back on a track, to see the beautiful gifts of nature and well-maintained hiking paths in the area. An excursion like this – the Semmering Railway – Tourist path – departs from the here and finishes at the Semmering railway station, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful view of the Semmering railway, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

•    Payerbach website: HERE
•    Reichenau website: HERE

The park consists of six beautiful, unique trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, so that fitness gurus and people who prefer comfortable walks, can both enjoy their time spent here. At the Millennium lookout tower, located at the highest point of Zauberberg, it is possible to see all the way to Vienna and Hungary, where there is also a pleasant hiking track that leads into the valley.  In the cosy mountain huts, hikers can enjoy the exceptional hospitality and regional delicacies, while enjoying the fresh mountain air. The Bikepark offers a total of 9 kilometres of mountain bike tracks, all with varying degrees of difficulty, both for beginners and experienced riders. Since its opening in 2009, the Bikepark has undergone an expansion, adding another track.  Children and adults alike can both enjoy the favoured “Monster Roller” – a scooter with giant wheels that anyone can try on a specially built track. For those who prefer having two feet planted on the ground, they can relax on the terrace of the ZauberBAR, and watch the cyclists on the tracks.

Experience Exhibition World in the scenic town of Mürzzuschlag. The city’s rich history and the contemporary creative arts scene that is present, can be viewed and experienced through the numerous museums and exhibitions in the town.

Winter Sports Museum – Wintersportmuseum
Experience the never before seen 1000 m2 Winter Sports Museum, dedicated to winter sports and the mountains. Exciting, and information-filled, winter sports can be discovered from all angles: from the time when skiing was first discovered more than 5,000 years ago in the Alps, to the first Mürzzuschlag pioneered ski trip over glaciers and through avalanches, to the terrain of the mountains and the 100 year old rustic mountain huts, there is an abundance of things to discover.


Brahms Museum – Brahmsmuseum

In 1884 and  the summer of 1885, for 9 months, Brahms lived in the 16th century royal foundry owner’s house (Hammerherrenhaus) and composed his Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98 and more than thirty songs and choir works. The exhibition is like a musical walk through the summers he spent composing there. The museum contains objects that are completely unique, such as the Streicher piano on which Brahms played his only recorded piece.


Southern Railway Museum – Südbahnmuseum
The Ghega Semmering Railway, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, on the occasion of its 150 year jubilee in 2004, created this culturally rich railway experience. In the old mechanic’s garage next to Mürzzuschlag train station, visitors can journey back into time, with an exhibition that showcases Vienna, through Mürzzuschlagen to Trieste. Special attractions include: the old train station hall, the K.u.K. buffet car, the building of the viaducts, the locomotives of the senses.


Das Roseggerstüberl
The Mürz Valley writer and rural poet Peter Rosegger and his friends often gathered for philosophical and jovial discussions at the historic Ratsburg building.  In 1901, Rosegger’s close friend Toni Schruf named the cosy little place in his honour, the only one of its kind.


Standard class
•    Adult – Standard class: HUF 9,990/ person
•    Child – Standard class (4-14 years old): HUF 6,990/ person
•    Child (0-4 years old): free (without seating)

The participation fee covers the cost of the round-trip ticket and the seat ticket. On the trip there and back, guests will be able to enjoy a small complimentary surprise.

In the train’s dining car, passengers have the option to purchase affordable and delicious foods and drinks. In the Orfeum car, a live band entertains passengers, with the option to enjoy the music and dancing.

Pullman Club class

•    Pullman Class, 2 or 4 seater table: HUF 17,990/ person
•    4-seater table must be booked for minimum 3 people

The participation fee for Pullman Club class covers the cost of the round-trip ticket and the seat ticket. The cars, with exceptionally comfortable, spacious legroom and reclinable seats, much like the two or four seater dining tables, and extra services offer the following: Unlimited mineral water, tea and coffee through the trip, delivered directly to your seat, with the options of selecting from an array of foods and drinks on offer.

Schedule (proposed)

Budapest - Mürzzsuschlag

Departure: 06:00 - Kelenföld
Departure: 06:28 - Tatabánya
Departure: 07:22 - Győr
Departure: 08:06 - Hegyeshalom
Arrival: 09:37 - Wiener-Neust.    
Arrival: 10:04 - Gloggnicz
Arrival: 10:17 - Payerbach-R.  
Arrival: 10:40 - Breitenstein 
Arrival: 10:51 - Semmering
Arrival: 11:10 - Mürzzsuschlag
Semmering - Mürzzsuschlag
Departure: 16:40 - Mürzzuschlag
Departure: 16:57 - Semmering
Departure: 17:07 - Breitenstein
Departure: 17:28 - Payerbach-R.   
Departure: 17:38 - Gloggnicz
Departure: 18:01 - Wiener-Neust. 
Arrival: 19:33 - Hegyeshalom
Arrival: 20:27 - Győr
Arrival: 21:12 - Tatabánya
Arrival: 21:51 - Kelenföld
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