Advent Express Adventure trains
2019.11.23.Napfény Advent Express   2019.11.30.Körös Advent Express to Vienna   2019.12.14.Advent Express to ZagrebSOLD OUT!   2019.12.20.Advent Express to Vienna   2019.12.21.Advent Express to ViennaSOLD OUT!  
Classic nostalgia trains
2019.05.04.Steam hauled train to the Danube-bendSold out!   2019.06.29.Steam hauled train to Tapolca   2019.07.13.Steam hauled train to the Danube-bend   2019.09.29.   2019.10.12.Steam hauled train to the Danube-bend  
Adventure trains
2019.01.12.Semmering ExpresszSold out!   2019.02.09.Semmering ExpresszSold out!   2019.03.23.Pivo ExpressSold out!   2019.06.01.Semmering ExpressAdventure Train through the Semmering Pass   2019.06.22.Midsummer Night’s Dream ExpressAdventure train to Wachau   2019.07.27.Semmering ExpresszAdventure Train through the Semmering Pass   2019.09.07.Salamandra Express   2019.09.21.Semmering ExpresszAdventure Train through the Semmering Pass   2019.10.27.II. Rákóczi Expressz   2019.12.28.   2019.12.28.  
Multi-day trips
2019.08.05.Magical Bled   2019.08.05.Isonzo Express 2019SOLD OUT   2019.10.18.Vaskapu ExpresszThree-day trip to Iron Gates  
Candle Light Express dinner trains
2019.02.14.Valentine’s Day Candle Light Express   2019.09.27.Steam-hauled Candle Light ExpressFish and game dishes   2019.11.11.Marton’s Day Candle Light Express  
2019.07.14.WHERE and HOW the steam locomotives are being repaired  
Memorial trains
2019.08.05.Isonzo Express 2019SOLD OUT   2019.10.27.II. Rákóczi Expressz  
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